Homemade Applesauce

24 October

I was reading the book “How To Talk So Kids Will Listen, And Listen So Kids Will Talk ” this week, I have a three year old, and the chapter was on punishment. Ah yes! Let’s dive in on this, I had recently been threatening my child that if she get’s out of bed to “ask mommy a question” one more time then she would have to go without her morning TV show. She put me to the test and I followed through, no Daniel Tiger the next day. Her punishment was meant to enforce the fact that mommy means business, but apparently it’s not effective (which I can also attest to). Punishing a child only fuels “revenge fantasies” among other things, which explains her response to my threats, “Well, then you can’t play with Emma tomorrow, or read books, or play dress up!” The book reminded me to look at my options, that sometimes there are other variables that can be removed. I ended up implementing one of the techniques and had success, but I was given another challenge the very next morning… with my dog.

I had cleared out some time to focus on a few projects, my space was quiet, sun was shining, I had even taken a few minutes to meditate and set an intention! Then the yard guys shows up and my dog goes bananas. It’s impossible, impossible to think, let alone work when my dog is going nuts. I got out a good size bone and put him in the garage, no go, I got out my noise canceling Bose headset, no go. Then I start panicking, I am going to lose my time, my precious window of time I’ve carved out with my infant napping and 3 yr. old at preschool, it’s going to be gone, I’m never going to get anything done again, ever! Then I remember to look at my options. Granted, if it was an option I probably would have rocket launched my dog to the moon for a few hours (or days), but there was also the yard guy, he was a variable. So I asked him to leave. He actually offered to come back later in the afternoon. Amazing! The outcome was better than I imagined or hoped for. I got to keep my precious time and focus on my projects.

I am going to continue to remind myself to not always focus my frustration on the whining child or barking dog, but to find a solution among all the variables. Ultimately to try and “quiet the noise” and keep it simple.

In light of that, there is nothing more simple than applesauce! A comfort food in it’s own way. I made a batch and then made again just a few days later because it became the essence of fall for me. I’ve added on top of pancakes and warmed up at night to help me wind down. Enjoy!

Homemade Applesauce

Cut apples in 1/2 or 1/4 and remove seeds. Place steamer basket in pot (I use 5 1/2″ deep pot), and fill with apples. Squeeze juice of one lemon (make sure to catch the seeds!) over apples. Steam apples for about 15 minutes or until soft. Remove from basket and save water at bottom of pot. IMG_0702

IMG_0703Add apples to food processor and sprinkle with cinnamon. Blend in food processor and add water from pot until desired constancy. You can also use a food mill instead of a food processor and you could add a cinnamon stick to the steamer basket instead of sprinkling dried cinnamon. This makes about 2 cups of apple sauce, or 1/2 a mason jar. I did two batched in order to have enough for left overs. For more precise instructions see Martha’s guide.


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