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Restaurants with lots of healthy options!

Restaurant Review: Groundwork Coffee Co.

01 August

We visited Groundwork Coffee Company’s great location downtown, where there is spacious cafe seating indoors and out, as well as ample workspace with free wi-fi. Excellent already, but it doesn’t stop there: Groundwork’s Coffee is absolutely delicious, and fair trade + organic to boot. They also offer an extensive, exotic tea selection for the coffee-naysayers! […]

Restaurant Review: Long Live Lemonade!

13 July

If you love free samples, friendly + knowledgeable staff, and a fantastically broad variety of delicious fresh food, then you’re in luck at Lemonade! If you don’t love that stuff, then you’re not normal. After my first visit today, Lemonade is definitely my new favorite lunch spot, and also a great place to grab dinner […]

Restaurant Review: Tender Greens’ Awesome Organics

08 July

I often drive by the many Tender Greens restaurants around LA, curious to try their food just based on the name: green and tender? Sounds good to me! And with easy-access locations in Culver City, West Hollywood, and Hollywood, it was only a (brief) matter of time before my culinary curiosity turned into a new […]

Restaurant Review: Progressive Pizza from Pizza Fusion

05 July

I’ve been looking, no, I’ve been SCOURING Los Angeles for the past two years for a pizza place that qualifies for my “regular” spot. Pizza Fusion, you’re it! Delivery was fast, the pizza was hot and fresh, prices are very reasonable, and they were very helpful over the phone with listening to my customary changes […]