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katie_HeadshotKatie Hill

Katie is Co-Founder and CEO of Sage Wellness where she is responsible for driving the company’s overall strategy and growth. She started Sage Wellness to help employees find more energy in their daily lives. It is her core belief that people have the power to change their health when armed with simple steps and necessary knowledge that will ensure long-term success. Katie is an AADP Certified Health Coach with special training in healing herbs and pre-natal health, and regularly speaks to diverse audiences on a broad range of nutritional topics.

Katie has been a community leader in the struggle against childhood obesity, creating programs that educate parents and children on making healthy, sustainable lifestyle choices for their family. She was recently awarded the 2012 Woman of Distinction by the State of California 53rd Assembly District for her community activism. Katie is a member of the Junior League of Los Angeles and former board member of the Travelers Aid Society of Los Angeles.

With over a decade of experience, Katie handled production, finance and business development for 20th Century Fox and NBC News. Prior to founding Sage Wellness she was the Director of Business Development for The Wilkinson Group, influencing positive social change by producing strategic relationships between corporations and alliance partners.

Katie received her B.S. in Television & Film, cum laude, from Texas Christian University. Katie is an avid supporter of eating (locally) and loves frequenting Farmers Markets, LA’s sustainable restaurants and food events with her husband and daughter.

Her Sage Advice: Spend time at the Farmers Markets and over time you will naturally eat with the seasons, which your body is designed to do.


Ruth_HeadshotRuth Smith

Co-Founder and President of Sage Wellness, Ruth Smith has worked for more than fifteen years with leaders and executives maximizing employee productivity via health and wellness programming, customized training, and benefits management. Ruth is renowned for consistently getting to the heart of the matter and training others to do the same.

Ruth began her career in television production, where she gained first hand experience with sugar addiction as a way to maintain energy for the long hours. She has lived and conquered her own health issues: three years of severe digestive issues, joint pain, chronic fatigue and daily laryngitis. Ultimately, she discovered she was highly gluten sensitive and six months later she experienced a full recovery that spurred her to pursue a career as an AADP Health Coach.  Throughout this period, Ruth held leadership positions in Human Resources in the education, financial services, and not-for-profit sectors and witnessed the undeniable correlation between employee health and enterprise productivity.

Ruth oversees the daily operations and program development for Sage Wellness. She is passionate about educating executives on how wellness can increase their mental focus and productivity as well as that of their employees. Through regular speaking engagements, she motivates executives and employees alike to take charge of their health and wellbeing. She has helped both her corporate and individual clients achieve sustainable weight loss, find relief from allergies and gain the energy to be successful in life.

Ruth earned a B.A. in Telecommunications Broadcasting from the Pepperdine University, and a Masters in Business Administration also from Pepperdine University. She resides in Los Angeles, CA with her husband, dog and cat.

Her Sage Advice: Dieting doesn’t work, so stop trying. By listening to your body you can learn what lifestyle choices will give you the most energy, keep you relaxed and make you feel your best.