Sage Wellness designs and implements corporate Wellness Programs to coach employees on how they can take charge of their health. By doing so, corporations can lower their benefits costs and absenteeism while increasing employee engagement, productivity and general well-being. In addition, we provide individual health counseling services onsite for those looking to address specific health concerns or increase overall well-being.

How it works

We offer a wide range of services, as listed below, creating a Wellness Program designed to meet your needs and budget. Our most basic program includes an online health assessment of employees, monthly wellness workshops and health counseling services. We truly base the program on your needs, as each company is unique, we will put the right wellness initiatives in place to get your employees excited about their health! 

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Our Services Include:

• Health Assessment & Interest Survey
• Wellness Workshops

• Onsite Health Coaching
• Executive Team Engagement

• Weight Loss Program 
• Onsite Fitness Classes (yoga, pilates, boot camp)
• Creating an Employee Wellness Team

• Stress Management Series
• Newsletter
• Biometric Screening

• Corporate Kitchen Makeover
• Lunchbox Solutions
• Team Sports & Nutrition Couseling for Athletes
• Healthy Cooking Demonstrations
• Giveaways
• Invitations to Sage Wellness Events, for employees & their families


Some of our most popular workshops include:

• Eating for Energy
• Sugar Blues
• Weighing In, Keeping It Simple
• Finding Calm in the Chaos 
• Eating Healthy on a Budget
• Mindful Meditation
• Get Fit, Movement & Exercise 
• Chronic Illness & Prevention 
• Raising Healthy Kids in a Junk Food World 
• Eating Healthy on the Go 
• Heart Health 
• Amazing Antioxidants
• Work-it-Out

• Immune Boosting & Flu Prevention 
• Keeping Healthy Over the Holidays
• Creating a Non-Toxic Home




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