what we do

because wellness and productivity are inextricably linked

We take a holistic, 360-degree approach to wellness, offering hands-on, personalized engagement with your company‘s most valuable asset – its employees. Regardless of your industry, size or structure, every company thrives when its employees feel their healthiest.

what we do

educate Your employees learn about wellness – how to improve their health, their lives, their productivity – all personalized for their unique needs and lifestyles. You learn how your office environment and culture can better support your company’s wellness goals.
engage We engage each and every employee through dynamic workshops, classes and health coaching that encourage active participation. Our content and formats are completely customized to your needs, so what we’re teaching is relevant, interesting and useful.
empower Once you and your employees are armed with the information and know-how to make real changes, we provide the caring support and inspiration to make them last.


health coaching: Our face-to-face Health Coaching gives employees the opportunity to focus on their personal health concerns and goals and work individually with a Sage Wellness Certified Health Coach. MORE 

wellness workshops: We offer a variety of specialized wellness workshops to address those topics that are of most interest to your staff, and can create the most impact. MORE