“I worked with Ruth through the twelve-week corporate plan and got much more out of the program than I had anticipated. I originally thought of the program as a weight loss plan, but Ruth took a holistic approach and addressed our specific health issues as well as our emotional connections to food.  Weight loss was one focus, but Ruth also helped me to resolve some health concerns I had never even expected to be able to address through my eating habits.  Ruth’s method is genuinely “food as medicine.”

Ruth’s approach is very informative, interactive and educational; she is truly concerned with showing you the significance of changing your habits.  She got me eating my greens on a regular basis, which helped to regulate my blood sugar levels and energy.  She also educated our group on various specific foods that can help to regulate energy, mood, and overall well-being and suggested methods of food purchase and preparation, acknowledging that we are all too busy to cook.  My energy level is now constant, and I have been able to miraculously eliminate my reliance on sugar.

Ruth introduced our group to a number of informative nutritional concepts, including toxic foods to avoid, and she worked with us individually to change our habits.  As a result, I now approach my food purchases in a much more informed and enjoyable way.

On a personal level, Ruth is very generous and genuinely cares for the people she helps.  She showed a great deal of compassion and understanding and got to know our individual situations; she did not preach to us about changing our habits, but rather worked with each person to fulfill our individual goals.  I have stayed in touch with Ruth and consider her to be a permanent member of my support system for overall well-being.”

– Laurie

“The Sage Wellness program has given me an entirely new outlook on life. That may sound overly dramatic, but Katie’s approach to wellness includes the foundational outlook on life and sustaining life at the root level – nourishment. I look at the food I eat in a whole new light, and I feel like doors have opened up for me, rather than the way a traditional diet closes doors. I appreciate natural flavors in a way I never had before, I enjoy the process of selecting and preparing my foods. It’s a new creative outlet for me now, and it all began with the education Sage Wellness gave me. I now stop and think about what I consume, rather than shoveling in whatever’s convenient. And what really surprised me is that this new lifestyle now seems so much MORE convenient to me than my old, pre-packaged ways. By cutting out processed foods, returning to a natural way of eating, I now enjoy food MORE, have been introduced to MORE flavors, have experienced a new energy and together with my husband, we’ve lost a combined 30 pounds.”

– Kyle

“I’m a bachelor whose health and diet habits are good. However, there was (and is) room for improvement. Ruth made me aware of ways that I could easel modify my diet to have better nutrition and deal with several health problems that diet was adversely affecting. She provided solutions that were tailored to MY lifestyle.”

– J.Mark

“The Sage Wellness Individual Health Counseling program has dramatically changed my life. What I didn’t realize before the program, was that I didn’t really know how to eat on my own. I was back and forth from restrictive diets to overeating and never really finding the middle ground that was right for me.  This program changed all that. They worked with me to find healthy foods that I like to eat and helped me find ways to incorporate the healthy foods into my life so they became a part of my regular diet. I was introduced to new foods that I hadn’t even heard about before, and now I eat them regularly. I also didn’t like eating vegetables, which is hard to avoid if you want to eat healthy, but the program helped me find ways I could eat vegetables (and like them) by preparing them in different ways.  This program was such a learning process, it helped me lose the guilt around food and understand that I don’t have to be hungry to lose weight. By the end of this program, I learned how to eat healthy in a way that works specifically for me. And it’s different for everyone. The best part is that I now know how to eat. It’s not a diet that ends after 6 weeks, it’s how to eat right, and by eating right, I lose weight, have more energy and feel so much better about myself.”

– Gabrielle

“The knowledge, guidance and support Sagewellness provided helped me lose 40 pounds in three months and counting.  Even more important than that I have changed to a healthier lifestyle.  This won’t be another of those quick fad diets that end up with all the weight coming back and probably more.  They have helped change my life.”

– Mike

“This experience not only has taught me the general do’s and dont’s of foods, but has helped me personally find what was wrong with my habits. Giving up most meat, dairy and gluten has been tasking without Katie’s help it would have bee a larger struggle. Through all the bad eating and choices, she’s been there (and available) for help and advice. It is a program I would 100% recommend to ANYONE looking to change their habits of eating and lifestyle.”

– Kim

“Sage Wellness truly is a wellness program. I find myself daily looking for ways to express gratitude and to honor my body and health. I have developed many new positive habits, and consciously remind myself that everything I put in my mouth (and every action I choose to do) is a decision only I can make. I have total control over my eating and my actions. Because Sage Wellness also stresses slowing down, relishing life, expressing gratitude, exercising more, and making wise choices, I have found a steady, downward trend with my weight–a loss that is continuing steadily even though I finished my sessions several months ago. The beauty of it is that I have not been dieting–ever. I now make healthier choices easily, as a lot of my unhealthy cravings have simply faded away.”

– Susie

“Ruth is an all-around wonderful person. Her unique program combines top-notch classroom instruction with personal nutrition coaching and support throughout the course of the program. Througout the course of the program I was exposed to many great ideas, approaches and perspecitved regarding nutrition. And not I cook a lot more, consume more vegetables and whole foods, and regularly eat healthy and tasty foods I had nver tried before. Ruth has a great deal of knowledge – about seemingly any and every wellness topic you can think of; and she conveys that information in a clear and concise way. I greatly appreciate her sincere interest in my wellness and her diligent efforts in helping me reach my goals.”

– Charles “Thank You Sage Wellness!”

“I am a 47 year old, overweight, African American Women who was encouraged to participate in a 6 month wellness program at my workplace.
Though I tried many programs over the years, I was most moved to analyze my food and lifestyle choices and make life-changing decisions through the one on one attention and leadership Ruth Smith and Sage Wellness’ program provided. These changes, which began with the very first session, have resulted in overall healthier me.

Through the program, Ruth helped me to clearly define the relationships between food and mood, mindless habits, past experiences and self-identity. By realizing why, when and how I ate what I ate, I was able to replace better food choices with the ones I had, explore previously unheard of foods and remove bad choices completely by planning ahead for the situations that made me reach for them.

As a result of the self-study I underwent in the program, I have managed to drastically reduce the allergies that plagued me and both the frequency and intensity of the migraine headaches I suffered since my early teens. I have a greater understanding of how food affects my mood and level of productivity. Through simple changes introduced in the program, I now have deeper, uninterrupted sleep and have all but eliminated the use of caffeine and sugar to get me through my mornings. By learning to put myself first, I not only have better management of my food but also my time and outside commitments, making me a less stressed and much happier individual.

I am grateful for the knowledge and change of attitude I attained while participating in the program and will continue to apply it principals in my daily life.”

– Lori